Pediatric Care

The best way to live a healthy life is to start a healthy life. Here at Balanced Family, Dr. Lara Martin treats children of all ages and in all stages of development. Dr. Martin would love the opportunity to help your little one feel better and be as healthy as they can be. She offers well child visits, vaccinations (including a discussion of alternate schedules if interested), routine or recommended lab tests, and acute visits when the kiddos just aren’t feeling well. As a mother, Dr. Martin knows that your children are top priority so she will treat them as if they were her own.


We make Medicine Fun!

Children can be more complex than adults and more skeptical of a new provider. Dr. Martin understands this and tries to make the visit fun, non-intimidating, and like they aren’t even at the scary doctor’s office. Kids need to feel comfortable with their doctor in order to not get anxiety every time mom or dad says they have an appointment. Dr. Martin will work closely with the entire family to develop an individual treatment plan that works for the child and that the parents are comfortable with.