Denice Bracken, MScN

Denice has an eclectic background, contributing to her nature and skills as a nutritionist, allowing her to approach individuals from a multi-dimensional perspective.


She has held various roles in medical and community settings, including positions as a nursing assistant, hospice aide, social worker, and yoga asana instructor. In addition, Denice has delved into individual work in the arts such as silver smithing and other forms of creation inspired by nature. Her diverse background provides her with flexibility in problem-solving and the ability to see things through a multifaceted creative lens.


In 2017, Denice completed her undergraduate degree in social work with an emphasis in mental health. Witnessing disparities in community healthcare and navigating her own journey with chronic illness, it prompted her to shift her focus to medicine, research, and nutrition. After pursuing higher education for a few years, she earned her master’s degree in nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine. Her areas of focus have been in women’s nutrition, PCOS, prediabetes/diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and food relationship coaching.


Above all else, Denice strives to do no harm. She acknowledges that nutrition and health are unique for everyone, and she tailors her approach based on individual needs and desires.


believes that nutrition extends beyond the food we consume; it encompasses thought, belief, environment, intention, and connection. She emphasizes that food is neutral and nourishes us in various ways, carrying with it meaning, memory, and culture. Denice aims to honor her clients’ roots while supporting their nutritional and wellness needs.


She rejects the notion that health is determined by size and does not use BMI or weight as a primary indicator of health. She recognizes the diversity of natural body size, considering it neither a moral choice nor a failure. Collaboratively, she works with individuals to support their bodies rather than against them. She likes to work from the perspective of what can be added rather than taking away or restricting.


Denice assures her clients that they are not obligated to eat foods they dislike (but she encourages everyone to always try new things) and emphasizes that her clients do not have to spend long hours or be experts in the kitchen. Beneficial nutrition can be made conveniently for any lifestyle.


When Denice isn’t immersed in the enchanting world of nutrition research, you’ll uncover her amidst the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest, foraging, hiking, and exploring the untamed landscapes and rivers. Engaging her creative spirit, she might be crafting art or poetry. If you listen closely, you might hear the rustle of pages as she loses herself in a captivating book, or catch glimpses of her on nightly jaunts with her canine companion and partner.