Adriane Knorr, ND

Dr. Knorr is a naturopathic doctor in the Portland Oregon Metro Area who offers primary care to all adults, with a specialization in women’s gastrointestinal and hormone health. As a recent National University of Natural Medicine graduate and emerging naturopath, Dr. Knorr is committed to combining her fresh medical knowledge with a fervent passion for patient education. She firmly believes that empowering patients with a thorough understanding of their own bodies is integral to the healing process. Dr. Knorr’s commitment to fostering strong doctor-patient relationships and her approach to healthcare as a collaborative effort have earned her a respected reputation in the medical community.


Dr. Knorr is on a mission to make healthcare knowledge accessible to everyone, regardless of their background. Beyond her medical practice, she has created a women’s health podcast, The Sassy Speculum. The podcast’s goal is to demystify complex health topics, ensuring that no one needs a medical degree to understand how and why their body functions the way it does. In each episode of The Sassy Speculum, she breaks down intricate subjects into digestible chunks rid of medical jargon, making them comprehensible to a wider audience. With a lighthearted and informative approach, her podcast encourages informed and empowered living, striving to redefine what should be the new norm in healthcare knowledge.


Outside of her medical career, Dr. Knorr enjoys getting outside; you can often find her kayaking, camping, hiking or simply relaxing in a hammock reading fantasy books. Her love for the outdoors is only matched by her love for her partner, Joey, and their four beloved animals!