Natural Therapies for Constipation

Constipation can be very concerning to parents since babies don’t really do much other than eat, sleep and poop! When your baby is not performing one of these tasks correctly, as a parent we tend to panic. Eating and sleeping can be more challenging to correct depending on your child, but there are plenty of tricks to get your babies bowels moving. Most of my new parents will ask me about constipation at sometime during their child’s life. This usually happens right around the introduction of solids, but can happen at anytime. It can be normal for a solely breast fed baby to go days without pooping, so don’t get concerned unless he seems to be really uncomfortable and/or it has been more than 5 days. Formula fed babies are technically eating a form of solid food so should be more regular – bowel movements daily or every other day. I have outlined a couple different ideas to help get things moving, so you can pick and choose which options would work best for you and your baby. These treatments can also be used on adults so give them a try if you yourself are struggling with constipation.


Diabetes 101

November is American Diabetes Month so it seemed appropriate to do a segment on diabetes. I will be discussing common signs/symptoms, questions to ask your doctor, and some natural treatment options that are available to you. First things first, when should you seek medical attention or get further testing to determine if you have diabetes? Some common signs and symptoms that are seen early in the course of the disease include…

  • Increased urination, especially at night
  • Increased thirst
  • Increased hunger
  • Blurred vision


Warming Socks Therapy

In medical school, one of the first at home treatment options we learned about in hydrotherapy was the cold wet socks or as some like to call it, the warming socks treatment (which sounds a lot more pleasant). This is a staple treatment in my house for conditions ranging from congestion to high fevers. This therapy works by increasing the bodies circulation while you are trying to warm up your feet from the cold socks. The increased circulation can stimulate the immune system which will help fight off infection and it can help draw all of the congestion out of your head and into your feet which can make you feel significantly better by morning. (more…)